God turned this …

Launch team 3

Glenn & Susan Herschberger gathered with their launch team the week before their opening service.

into┬áthis …


Opening Sunday, LifeBridge International Church, Panama City, Panama

What God has accomplished through his servants Glenn and Susan Herschberger, we’re confident he can do again through us. I have no worries telling you that one church has already been founded for the English-speaking international community in Panama City. ONE IS NOT ENOUGH!

If you’re reading this from anywhere in the U.S., you have (on average) one church for every 500 people. Panama City has 75,000 English-Speaking internationals and one church trying to reach them all. Pastor Glenn has already had inquires about churches for four other regions of the city. We’re so excited about what God has done through our friends! Help send us to Panama City!

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