People are surprised when we show them pictures we’ve taken of Panama City. “It’s so large,” they say. “Why … it looks like a modern city,” another exclaimed. Many have almost whispered … “It’s beautiful.” Panama City is all of those things; large, modern and beautiful.

It feels strange admitting it, but Sue and I do think Panama City is beautiful. Large cities are always impressive, but we never thought we’d be okay with living in one. I can only explain this new found appreciation for cities as a God-implanted desire. Can I say it out loud … “I want to live in Panama City.”

The real attraction lies in it’s Kingdom potential. “One City, One Language, Many Nations” is more than just a slogan … it’s a dream of being part of God’s great mission in the world. I wonder if God thinks Panama City is beautiful. I know this much … he has a great compassion for it’s people (Jonah 4:11). That compassion has spilled over into our hearts.


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